Dr. Matthias Wachs


  • Network and communication security
  • Architectures for future communication platforms
  • Security in today's Internet
  • Secure, resilient and privacy-preserving communication
  • Name services, directory services and public key infrastructures
  • Network Analysis, intrusion and anomaly detection

My Erdős number is 5

Research projects

  • TUM User Certification and Secure E-Mail
  • OpenLab-Eclectic


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2017-06-01 Matthias Wachs, Quirin Scheitle, Georg Carle, “Push Away Your Privacy: Precise User Tracking Based on TLS Client Certificate Authentication,” in Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA), Best Paper Award TMA’17, IEEE ComSoc ITC Best Paper Award 2017, Jun. 2017. [Pdf] [Slides] [Recording] [Bib]
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